Friday, September 9, 2011

                Last night I had a dream about my little boy and woke up in the most incredible mood. I've been feeling very tired lately and almost unmotivated because of it, however this morning I'm on top of the world. In my dream, Baby Guy breastfed like a champ, was the cutest baby I've ever seen. I was holding him and it just felt so real, I cannot wait to meet this little one.
   In other news, Brett turned 28 this last week, hence the new camera.  Happy Birthday to the Big Man! I love him and he knows it.
   We went to our friends wedding in San Jose. (Shout out to the Melameds!) It was great, a block party wedding with so many beautiful details, taco truck included stock full of the exclusive vegetarian menu. (You just had to ask about it ;)
    We received our birth kit in the mail, with all the little things we'll be needed to have the baby at home, even came with a tiny little hat! Brett is determined to catch the baby and has been very upfront with Judi (our midwive) about it more than once, haha. Poor Judi. I think she gets it, Brett. The baby is enormous, I feel at time as if he is truly going to explode out of my belly. I can feel my skin stretching these last few weeks, its quite uncomfortable.
  Robyn and Cole are going to be able to come out for a few in the beginning of October which is really exciting! Haven't had any family visit yet so to have a sis AND a nephew is great. My mom will be coming out a little later to meet her 10th Grand baby, yes her 10th!
   I am feeling incredibly grateful today.
            Grateful for this baby and all the love he's brought to our home already.
            Grateful for this pregnancy in terms of how uncomplicated and fairly comfortable it's been.
            Grateful for a husband who dotes on me daily, who works so hard and still manages to maintain  a great mood.
            Grateful for Art Mahoney, a man who has been taking contracts that he might not otherwise take to give Brett more work.
            Grateful for Sally, Bretts mother and all the help she has given us this year.
            Grateful for the beautiful weather and all the little things.

Here's to a great September Month! Happy Birthday to David and Alisha... hope I'm not missing anyone with all the new ones running around.


Nathalia said...

WOOT! Many gracias-es for the shout; we are super excited for the Girods to welcome a wee-one! Much ♥ to you two {almost three!}!

Pedaling said...

I had the most vivid dreams while pregnant.

It heartwarming to hear of your love for your new baby, your family and your sweet husband.

I love you. So looking forward to see all the bright happiness your future holds. You are good, good people EV!

sweet older sister said...

So Happy to hear your positive thoughts! Sounds like your about ready for your little Guy!

Appreciation is key to satisfaction, so continue to count your blessings, all your life.

Big Hug to Brett and you.

The Vineyard said...

This post makes me happy. Why isn't the little man here yet?! Love to you. I really like that you can see the blessings in your life so clearly. Makes the Lord want to give you more.

Your diaper post is making me giggle. What do they call it in Eastern countries? Some kind of "curtain" and everyone around just acts like the pooping is not happening in the street.

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