Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Official!

So... 'The wedding' 
   Brett and I got married on March 18th, 2011 (heard that is someone else's anniversary as well.) We were married at San Francisco City Hall in downtown San Fran. We wanted to keep it real simple, so we did! Aaron, Bretts older brother flew out from Flagstaff with his girlfriend to be our witnesses as well as Bretts mom, Sally. It was great to have them both there. The man who did our ceremony was a judge, Brett kept saying he looked like Jim Henson. I'm not sure I remember or if I ever knew what Jim Henson looked like?? The words were very sweet, Brett and I both cried, I thought I could contain myself but who was I kidding really? We exchanged rings and the whole thing was a bit surreal to me. It was rainy ridiculously hard on Friday, the most rain I've seen since we've moved here, it was a bit intimidating to be honest, but they say rain is good luck right? So we got a lot of it! After the ceremony we went and... you'll never guess?!? Brett and I got a slice of pizza, C'mon you know you love pizza too! We changed, toasted, hugged, cried, group hugged, kissed and were elated! 
   I am so happy I found someone that I truly feel I can spend the rest of my life and WANT to spend the rest of my life with. Brett inspires me daily and to be able to call him my husband feels amazing! 

     These are the only photos Brett and I have right now... more coming soon!


Krista said...

i love it and am soo happy for you two and even happier to share march 18th!

Pedaling said...

2 muppets married by jim henson. perfect.
ted's i'm glad you two are so happy together. i can tell you really love each other. so what's your last name, now?

sweet older sister said...

So beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your special moment with us. Give Brett a hug from me and Uncle Dennis. And a big kiss for you!

Ellyse V. said...

My last name is now Girod, silent D.

The Vineyard said...

Robyn and I were wondering if you would be quick to change your last name.

Congrats and you look so happy. And you are right, rain is good luck and I LOVE PIZZA. Oh and jim Henson, skinny dude with full head of 70s fro and beard.

Shauna* said...

you look so beautiful and so happy!
congrats you two.
When do I get to take your picture?
I mean seriously.

sandyseashells said...

It looks simply beautiful and perfect.
Rain is good
Pizza is great
and LOVE is the best. Especially a love shared with each other.
looking forward to more pictures.

Ellyse V. said...

Thank you all for the comments. It feels good to married! Shauna, we still definitely want you to take our photos, we don't plan on going anywhere and would be stoked if you could come out for a weekend or so, May, June? You let us know what works for you and your job.
I give Brett hugs daily, I'll reserve one from Dennis.
Also, we're not registered because we kept it small this time around, however it's like Jen said we literally have the bare minimum when it comes to kitchen gear, 3 pots; one small, one medium, one large, a wooden spoon and 1 skillet. So whatever you find handy for your kitchen I'm sure we will too.
I'm still waiting to get the other photos but as soon as I do, Up they go!!
Enjoy the weekend!

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