Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Talk

So here's the lowdown...
 I am 18 weeks pregnant and totally exhausted!
 I haven't had any morning sickness, I feel pretty normal really except I'm really tired. I am less tired this month than I was the last few so thats good. Haven't had any crazy cravings just for junk foods which I don't normally eat; ya know, cheesy pizza, mac and cheese, greasy chow mein, foods that are really easy to eat, almost bland in some ways. Seems when I need to eat the best all I want is the worst. Don't worry though, still plenty of good stuff in between.
 We've heard the heartbeat, it was quick, 161 beats per minute. It was an amazing experience, I tried not to cry but it's pretty hard to keep composed when you involved in something so amazing!
We had the genetic tests and everything came back VERY negative.
I've already gained 12 pounds, whew! And my belly seems to growing daily, every morning I look down and think "Wow! There you are!" However, I love watching it grow makes the whole thing seem very real.
We honestly don't care whether it's a boy or girl, but we are going to find out, however not until June 14th.
Yes, we have some name picked...
          Guy Atlas Girod (Boy)
          Evelyn Ruby Girod (Girl)

Guy as you probably know is my Dad's name and my Grandpas name, Atlas, well Brett likes it.
Evelyn is actually Brett's Grandmas name (no it isn't because that's what Poppa called me, at least not totally because of that) and Ruby you all know is Great Grandmas name.

We're having fun reading the weekly updates, knowing whats happening with the baby and such, however can't read to much or it stresses me out, I start thinking that I have all these crazy symptoms that I just don't.

So far to good, I'll keep you all updated on this exciting journey. We feel very blessed about the baby and can't help but think it was meant to happen now!

I'll post pics of my growing belly soon!

Keep us and the baby in your prayers that things will continue to be postive!

All our love,



The Vineyard said...

I was only pukey feeling when I smelled yucky stuff but like you, totally exhausted. All I wanted to do for 9 months was sleep.

Oh and EAT THE PIZZA!!!! I ate pizza for the last 3 months straight. That boy wanted calories not rice and veggies. And he is still smart, handsome and healthy.

Even though you have stated clearly your marriage, which I don't think anyone would think you would hurry up and marry for any reason, can I call you shotgun just for my own fun? (Of course I'm just teasin, evelyn!)

sweet older sister said...

I love both the names you two have picked and the reasons behind them!

How can such a small thing, make us sooooo tired? The second trimester I got some energy back. Olives and pecans, I had to have! Pregnacy was such a nice experience. I loved it! And Dennis did too! Keep us informed of your progresses and excitement! Love to you and Brett

Pedaling said...

I loved being pregnant.
Yep, I was exhausted for the first 3 months, then felt great the rest. Enjoy this time. It is magical!

Wow, the details. Shauna had already filled me in. :)

Love the names. Atlas...a true libertarian name.

Krista said...

i enjoyed being pregnant with sid...eliza was the complete opposite! so happy you guys are so excited about it! love the names!

sandyseashells said...

well, how exciting!
I really like those names and the reasons.


sandyseashells said...

I like those origami birds on your sidebar.
I sent David a book on origami. He does birds, flowers, a candy dish, and stuff.
very nice.

check out the 'Doodle Dolls' Ronna made me. They're on my blog.

Gram said...

It is exciting to experience the process of bringing a child into your world. You will learn a lot and love a lot. We, in your extended families, are happy, too. I am looking forward to read your posts. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Yes, I definitely like the names you have chosen.

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