Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Diaper Free?

So, Diapers... (sigh)

It seems there are so many ways to deal with things in the area of diapers; the latest?

Elimination Communication.

Hey, if babies in China can do it, so can mine right?


Gram said...

Right! I wonder what the front looks like.

sweet older sister said...

Ahhh fresh AIR!
Do you have to carry a poop bag to clean up after him?

No diaper rash that's for sure! I did, let my toddlers run around at home with no diapers, to prevent and get rid of diaper rash.

mel in el said...

This reminds me of finishing 6th grade at Island's Elementary. Brett, David Young, myself and a few others went to the back playground, turned around and dropped our trousers to moon the school. One of the bus drivers (think 60 year old woman) came out and yelled at us.

If a 12 year old Brett can show his bare ass, I think it would be quite alright for the baby to do the same. Like father like son...

(Nathalia and I are thinking about you guys and wishing you the best)

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