Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birth Story

Hello everyone! I'm finally feeling semi-normal so I wanted to share our birth story with you all.
     So I hit 42 weeks on October 2nd and legally I can no longer deliver at home after 42 weeks. I tried everything once I hit 41 weeks to get him to come out; herbs, walking, sex, primrose oil, castor oil etc... but to my dismay he just would not come. So I had to go into the hospital and be induced. We went in at 6 pm. I'll admit I was very disappointed and frankly afraid. They hooked me to all the machines and there I sat. Waiting. I tried to go to sleep but since I had the Pitocin they had to check my vitals every hour, not the most comfortable thing. They were tracking my contractions and I couldn't feel any of them, this went on until about 6pm Wednesday. Wednesday night we decided to let me sleep so we took everything off and I got to sleep, however the next morning at 7am they hooked me up again.
    I sat around, read, listened to music and then at 6pm on Thursday I began to feelpain in my back. I was trying not to get to excited just in case this wasn't it. Pretty quickly after the pain started in my back i got into the tub and there i labored quietly with Brett for the next 5 hours or so, drinking cranberry juice from the hodpitals "thirstbuster". I got out of the tub and walked around for a minute saying "I dont know where to be?!" All the midwives smiled and said "You've hit transition!!" I finally ended up pushing on the bed. I pushed for about 45 minutes and my Baby Guy came at 3:37am on October 7th.
   Although, I did end up at the hospital I was really happy with my birth experience, it was truly incredible and Brett proved to be great support. (Not that I ever doubted it ;)


Pedaling said...

such a major life event. The important thing is he is here safe and sound. I treasure all my pregnancies and births....such a spiritual experience, don't ya think?

sandyseashells said...

I was glad to hear you were at the hospital with your mid-wife and Bret. I'm glad to hear also that you had a good experience in the hospital. Is little Guy nursing well? He's so cute.

sweet older sister said...

Ah nothing better than a positive birth experience and that you did have, thanks to your midwives and your Brett and in the end, that sweet little GUY!

Krista said...

i love my pitocin and i love my epidurals!
yay for did it!!

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