Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The year is 2011

So, a new blog for a new year! I've never been very good at blogging, I've never put much time into it, but this year I say 'Cheers to the Blog!' I'm going to give it real shot, I mean I enjoy all of your blogs so much and hate when you go to long between posts so I suppose it's only fair.

P.S. I've got to learn how you all cute up your blogs? I mean sure I added a picture but it doesn't look the way I envisioned, ha, someday soon, my friends, soon.


The Vineyard said...

Very cute layout. I'm excited to hear more.

sweet older sister said...

Yes the lay out is very cute! I'm interested to know about your name, "The King and the Bird."

Brett and Ellyse perhaps?

sandyseashells said...

Yes, me too. I want to know about "The King and the Bird".

Gram said...

I am so glad that you are blogging. It makes this granny happy to be in touch with you.

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