Thursday, January 20, 2011

The King and The Bird

The title The King and The Bird is really simple actually, it's just the nicknames that Brett and I have for each other. I call him my King and he calls me his Bird. I call him lots of things actually, I think poppa rubbed off on me that way, I find myself calling him King, Chief, Paco, BooBear?, Baby Bubba (remember rappers delight), Sweet Beet and many many more, whatever is around really...? a little ridiculous but the names just come to me.
He just calls me Sweet and Bird. I like those names.


Pedaling said...

that is cute. Nicknames are a term of endearment and I really like using them, myself. I am looking forward to reading what's in the head of the cute little bird. Yay for a new commitment of blogging. I will do my best in commenting- it shouldn't be hard--I put family blog comments on high priority. Blogging is way more fun with comments!! So is this the blog, now that I should put on my side bar. Are you ditching the other one completely? Did you get my reply on the camera? It's in the comment section of the potpie post. k. bye, for now.

Ellyse V. said...

helia, yes I got your response, thank you. We will definitely look into the ones you suggested! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up on this guy and who knows with the help of a new camera, I'll be in even better shape! And yes, this will be the my only blog.

sweet older sister said...

I love the sweet names you call each other. Sometimes we just can't help using nicknames, they just come right out of our mouths and stick in our heads. I'm not sure what Dale's wife thought when I first called her Sheena Bo Beana.
(Yep we get it from poppa).

Tidbits: Did you know I was called Bird for many years. It was in retaliation to poppa calling my best friend Melanie Duck, cause she walked like a duck. So Melanie decided I had bird legs and I got the name Bird. And Sheila is right, nicknames = endearment. (Most of the time)

sandyseashells said...

I like that.

Gram said...

I will be checking your blog often. I love to know what you two are doing. Maybe your Mom and I will come to California some day for a Short visit. Grandpa came up with a lot of nick names for a lot of people I wish I could remember all of the them. Nicknames usually have a story behind them,like Ronna's. I liked to hear them. Your nicknames makes a good blog name. One diploma is in the mail. Check your mailbox this week.

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