Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I started working at Frog H0llow Farm. They specialize in fruit, the place is really neat, but I'm making French Press Coffee every 3 minutes and scooping oatmeal like nobody's business. So, last night Brett and I get off work and decide we're gonna watch a classic, 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' it is! So we both fall asleep to the movie and then..... I'm dreaming.

I'm dreaming of serving those crazy Toons french press coffee and oatmeal and it's a total mess, beans and oats everywhere, I could not get a handle on the situation; dream? No, I'd say this one was a nightmare. Dumbo was even flying outside the window.


The Vineyard said...

I can just see your dream. I have the absolute craziest dreams when my life is hectic. Keep shoveling that oatmeal, though. :)

sweet older sister said...

When I first started working at Dunkin' Donuts, many many years ago, I dreamed of donuts all the time! In many different senarios.

Then when I started working as a bookkeeper under an account, I dreamed of numbers and getting the accounts wrong and then jail....ect. IT WAS a NIGHTMARE every night!

I'm ok now.....(I think)

I have heard of Frog Hollow Farm. Is it a farm and resturant? I have tried to copy the "grateful bowl" from the Gratitude Cafe. And Desy said I got it pretty close. Anyway my version was pretty good.

Love your new blog!

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