Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lots Happening...

So I started working, AGAIN... this time at Frog Hollow Farm. It's at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I like it a lot. My work history since moving to beautiful CA has not been steady to say the least. I started out as a salon receptionist, but frankly I just don't care about EVERYONES hair, only those who's hair I care about, ha. so that was a bit of a bust, although I do fill in from time to time. Then I moved on to flowers, which was something I really loved! Working as a florist allowed me to learn a new skill, be creative and get to know plants, both native and non, however, I forgot that CA loves unions and I just couldn't hang with a union, at least not at the costs they were presenting. So now, finally, I'm working as a pastry chef at Frog Hollow Farms. It is a farm in Brentwood, CA, that's about 55 miles north of San Fran, I am very into growing edibles and getting to know seasonal fruits and veggies, therefore this is a nice fit. Now I am not actually working on the farm, I'm working at the stand at the Ferry Building, basically they have oatmeal in the morning, a salad and sandwich for lunch, pastries all day as well as all the fresh fruit and dried fruit you can eat. They place a lot of emphasis on being knowledgeable about the fruit, the process and of course the pastries. Of course it's all based on what's in season, which appeals to me. Yes, I have a degree, but finding a good job in CA is harder than one might think and new state certification is required which isn't cheap... we'll get there though, for now cherry tarts and apple turnovers it is! mmmm!
Soooo..... In addition to getting a new job, I got a new BIKE, Hooray! When I first moved here my Hiwatha coaster was stolen, wahnt wahnt wahnt
(p.s. thats a failure sound, ha) so I've been on the look out for something new, not expensive, but right for me. I finally found it! An old school (80's) Schwinn Sprint; it's does have new wheels and brakes however. It fits me great and I'm loving crusin' up and down embarcadero on it. Picture Above. I suppose for now, nothing else to report just yet...
All my love to you people!


Pedaling said...

love the red schwinn you found!

your job sounds good. amber now has a degree but is working at 1800contacts--hoping you all can move up quicker with the degree in hand...it's hard to find jobs regardless....count our blessings, right?

you and aunt ronna have many of the same likes.

The Vineyard said...

I got the sound affect. That degree means more than you understand yet. Trust me. I use mine EVERY day of my life in one way or another and I haven't had a real job for almost 8 years.

sweet older sister said...

Pedaling is right... I do have many of the same likes you do! Pastry chef!!!! With FRESH SEASONAL fruit! This has to be a great job! I too love the bike.

As for the sad sound, wahnt, wahnt wahnt. is one your cousin Dil says all the time.

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