Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Engagement

So... the details of our engagement are as follows:

Brett and I have a few of our best friends out from Arizona (and Japan, in the case of Brett's younger brother) for New Years weekend. We went out the evening of New Years to ring in the year, do the count down the whole bit.

10 minutes before midnight I was talking with Cassandra and then tu
rned around to find Brett on his knee...

He looked up at me with those squinty blue eyes and said, "I don't want to spend another year without you as my wife. Will you marry me?"

I looked at him IN SHOCK! and said "oh my gosh! I love you soooo much, Of course Yes!!!"

He put his homemade macaroni ring on my finger, we had a huge group hug, tears, a few "You're serious right?" and the rest is history; well, soon to
be history, ha!


Pedaling said...

that is sweet and so is the ring.
are you still wearing it?

The Vineyard said...

Glad you shared this story. Now when little Brett & E's come along you can make a blurb. They'll love the story of your ring.

sweet older sister said...

Very sweet, I can just picture the moment and feel the excitement!

sandyseashells said...

I like that.
and I like the simplicity of the ring.

Krista said...


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