Sunday, August 14, 2011

Books, baby books

So since I found out I was pregnant I started reading baby books; I started with the well known books such as the "What to expect..." series. Everyone gave me these books, I probably owned at least 3 copies, all different editions of the "What to expect when expecting" only to accumulate "What to Expect the first Year" and then "What to expect the second year". Since these books are so famous I thought they must be best, I tried to read them and tried to read them, but I hated them and finally just stacked them all and shipped them out to the Goodwill. I knew I wanted to have a natural birth and knew that my body was made for this so I wanted some books that took a less fearful approach, so I went to the library. I found tons of pregnancy books and birthing books, I was ecstatic. I started reading books (that I enjoyed and felt were valuable) at about month 3 and I've easily read 15 plus books in the time I've been pregnant. But I wanted to share two books that I found to be just perfect, good information and no fears. Of course I read "Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth" and "Spiritual Midwifery" all the hippies told me too, which I found good but a little to far out there for me. I read lots of books that had positive stories, which were also nice but I got bored of them very quickly.

                     Finally I discovered, "From the Hips" the book is a such a format that I didn't think I would read the entire thing but that I would use it more as a resource. However I found myself so intrigued that I read the entire thing in a week or two. This book has tons of valid information, doesn't skip issues and has little blurbs from women expressing concerns or successes throughout there pregnancies. 
                    The other book I've found is "The Birth Book", many of you probably know the Sears, the doctor and nurse duo with 8 kids! This book is incredibly informative and detailed based, I'm just about done but I'm really enjoying it and find great comfort in it. 

       I know most of you are not expecting or anything, but I wanted to share these books for those who just may be. I know it's not easy to find books that aren't biased; for either a completely natural birth or a completely medicalized birth but these two books just state what is and give encouragement and helpful information through the whole thing. 


sweet older sister said...

Very Interesting, especially that "From the Hips" book.

Remember, what the surfers say, "NO FEAR!"

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